Happy Happy

A FILM BY Anne Sewitsky

At times, Happy, Happy"" is cutting comedy at its brutal best.""
- Betsy Sharkey, LOS ANGELES TIMES
A winning comedy
- Dennis Harvey, VARIETY
Hilarious and incisive.
- FILM.COMAmanda Mae Meyncke, FILM.COM
Happy, Happy" n'est pas un vulgaire vaudeville. C'est une comédie de moeurs joyeusement atypique, où les moments drôles alternent intelligemment avec les passages plus dramatiques.
- Christophe Carrière, L'Express
Un premier film acide et léger, amusant et un brin cruel.
- Adrien Gombeaud, Positif


Kaja is an optimistic and easygoing housewife—despite her loneliness and the fact that her husband won’t have sex with her. So when the “perfect couple” moves in next door, Kaja struggles to keep her emotions in check, leading to a full-on affair and the inevitable secrets and lies that come with it.

Theatrical Release Date

Original Languages: Norwegian
Genre: Comedy, Drama, World Cinema
Running Time: 85 min.
Year: 2010


Agnes Kittelsen
Henrik Rafaelsen
Joachim Rafaelsen
Maibritt Saerens
Anne Sewitsky



Center: Kaja (Agnes Kittelsen)
Left to Right: Kaja (Agnes Kittelsen) and Sigve (Henrik Rafaelsen)
Kaja (Agnes Kittelsen)