Blue Room, The

A FILM BY Mathieu Amalric

Mr. Amalric, who directed this dark, delectable, shivery tale, adapting it from the Georges Simenon novel, sets its uneasy, dank mood with energetic economy.
- Manohla Dargis, The New York Times
The Blue Room (La Chambre bleue), takes a cue from both classic Hollywood noir and the time-shuffling narratives of the late Alain Resnais, telling a familiar story in ways that can feel compellingly new.
- Jordan Mintzer, The Hollywood Reporter
The subtle directionality of the compositions and the constant shifts from the present to the past, The Blue Room"" often feels like a work of cinematic futurism, not dissimilar to the films of Steven Soderbergh.""
- Scout Tafoya, Roger Ebert
La mise en scène d'Amalric puise dans cette construction sa force fantasmatique, qui fait de chaque plan une énigme à décoder.
- Cahiers du Cinéma
On est bluffé par la mise en scène impressionniste de Mathieu Amalric, son sens du cadre et du détail. Un film charnel, intriguant, saisissant.
- Le Journal de Dimanche


Two adulterous lovers go from pillow talk to possible murder in this sexy, brain-teasing thriller. Mathieu Amalric (The Diving Bell and the Butterfly, Grand Budapest Hotel) directs and stars as Julien, a middle-aged salesman embroiled in a steamy love affair with a married woman who, after a round of kinky sex, makes a startling suggestion. Suddenly Julien is caught up in a police investigation-but just what exactly happened? Based on a novel by celebrated crime writer Georges Simenon, this beguiling cinematic puzzle unfolds in an elliptical style that keeps the audience guessing every step of the way.

Theatrical Release Date

Friday, November 28, 2014
Original Languages: French
Genre: Drama, Crime, Thriller, Romance
Running Time: 76 min.
Year: 2014


Laurent Poitrenaux
Léa Drucker
Mona Jaffart
Serge Bozon
Stéphanie Cléau
Mathieu Amalric
Mathieu Amalric