Dignity of the Nobodies, The

UN FILM DE Fernando E. Solanas

A hard-hitting examination of how terror can contaminate a country.
- Ariel Dorfman, San Francisco Chronicle
Exhilarating! A rousing call to action and resistance.
- Deborah Young, Variety


Once a thriving country with the agricultural capacity to feed hundreds of millions, Argentina has been devastated by an orgy of exploitation at the hands of multinational corporations and lending institutions. Stories and testimonials paint a harrowing picture of globalization, while examples of organized resistance inspire, as documentarian Fernando Solanas chronicles the struggle of the "nobodies": the workers, the small farmers and the indigenous people who are teaming up to fight for their dignity and for their future.

Date de sortie

Langue originale: Spanish
Genre: Documentary, World Cinema
Durée: 120 min.
Année: 2005


Un film de
Fernando E. Solanas