Spider Lilies


Taiwanese pop icon Rainie Yang stars as Jade, a spunky webcam girl lustfully pursuing her first love, Takeko (the strikingly handsome Isabella Leong) a Taipei tattoo artist. Meanwhile, an undercover agent is investigating Jade’s webcam activity and Takeko is grappling with the tragedies of her past. From Taiwan’s hottest female director Zero Chou, this youthful melodrama is a cinematic exploration of love and memory featuring an awesome soundtrack and a great cast. This terrific lesbian drama has gotten rave reviews (from AfterEllen.com, the San Francisco Chronicle and Curve Magazine) and comes to DVD fresh from its great success at LGBT film festivals around the world.

Date de sortie

Langue originale: Mandarin
Genre: Drama, GLBT
Durée: 98 min.
Année: 2006


Un film de
Zero Chou