Don't Look Down (No mires para abajo)


When his father dies, grief-stricken 19-year-old Eloy begins an unusual habit of sleepwalking. One night, stumbling across rooftops in a daze, he accidentally tumbles into the open window of his beautiful neighbor, Elvira - nine years his senior. Her intense desire for Eloy is heightened by her studies of tantric sex techniques and quickly she takes him as her willing pupil. Entwined by destiny, the two are soon exploring hidden realms of eroticism the young man never knew she opens his eyes to the possibilities of lovemaking, he's introduced to new worlds that allow him to leave his body and travel through time and space.

Date de sortie

Langue originale: Spanish
Genre: Drama, World Cinema
Durée: 85 min.
Année: 2008


Antonella Costa
Leandro Stivelman
Hugo Arana
Un film de
Eliseo Subiela