Vive L'Amour

UN FILM DE Tsai Ming-Liang


There are three central characters in Vive L'Amour: a woman entering middle age who lives alone and is desperate to be loved; a young gay man, desperate to love someone; and a footloose young man who loves no one and feels no need for the love of another. The woman sells real estate. The young gay man sells burial plots. The other man sells women's clothing on the street. An empty apartment soon becomes a crossroads for these seemingly disparate lives. Eventually, unlikely liaisons develop and an extended game of musical rooms evolves... Tsai Ming-liang was born in Malaysia ad went to college in Taiwan, majoring in drama and cinema. He won acclaim for his theatre performances, as well as television awards for writing and directing. His first feature film was Rebels of the Neon God which won several international prizes. Vive L'Amour is his second feature film, which was followed by his critically hailed masterpiece The River.

Date de sortie

Langue originale: Mandarin
Genre: Comedy, Drama, GLBT, World Cinema
Durée: 118 min.
Année: 1994


Chao-jung Chen
Kang-sheng Lee
Kuei-Mei Yang
Un film de
Tsai Ming-Liang