Sherlock Jr./Three Ages

UN FILM DE Buster Keaton, Edward F. Cline


A movie projectionist and janitor (Buster Keaton) who is studying to become a detective is in love with a beautiful girl (Kathryn McGuire). On a date he presents her with chocolates and an engagement ring. However, there is another man who's also interested in his girl (Ward Crane). One day he is accused of stealing his girlfriend's father's watch. He falls asleep on the job and dreams that he is a Sherlock Holmes-type detective, solving the case of who stole a valuable pearl necklace. THREE AGES SYNOPSIS: Three plots in three different historical periods—prehistoric times, ancient Rome, and modern times (the Roaring Twenties)—are intercut to prove the point that men's love for woman have not significantly changed throughout history. In all three plots, characters played by Buster Keaton and Wallace Beery compete for the attention of the same woman, played by Margaret Leahy.

Date de sortie

Langue originale: Silent
Genre: Comedy
Durée: 108 min.
Année: 1923


Un film de
Buster Keaton, Edward F. Cline