Kisses for Everyone (Besos Para Todos)

UN FILM DE Jaime Chávarri

...a hilarious coming-of-age comedy which takes us back to Spain of 1965.


1965. Cádiz, Spain. Miles from home, Ramón, Alfonso and Nicolás share both their apartment and their commitment to graduate from medical school. All discipline flies out the window, however, when Alfonso and Nicolás turn up with Vicky and Marian, two nightclub dancers. Their arrival blows a refreshing gust of freedom and fun into the atmosphere, but Ramán (Eloy Azorin from All About My Mother), bewildered by the girls' presence, seeks refuge with Father Esparza, who introduces him to a respectable girl from a good family. Unfortunately, Ramán's budding obsession with Vicky only grows and Vicky wastes no time in seducing him. Quarrels over the girls disrupt the guys' relationship. By the end of their academic year, their world has turned topsy-turvy: graduation hangs in the balance and the girls aren't sure how they'll earn a living, but together they all learn how to defend themselves against the world.

Date de sortie

Langue originale: Spanish
Genre: Comedy, Drama, World Cinema
Durée: 101 min.
Année: 2000


Chusa Barbero
Eloy Azorin
Emma Suarez
Roberto Hoyas
Un film de
Jaime Chávarri