Human Cargo

CBCs acclaimed miniseries Human Cargo? is in a class all of its own, winning award after award.
- Guy Dixon, GLOBE & MAIL
The genius of Human Cargo transcends simple portrayal... In an engaging and brilliant way, it lifts the veil on the immigrant experience.
- Vinay Menon, TORONTO STAR
Human Cargo weaves the stories of several characters from different worlds into a single tapestry of vibrant and shocking images.
- Alison Cunninham, CANADA.COM/TVTIMES


Human Cargo is a critically acclaimed, dramatic 6 part mini-series set in the world of the Canadian refugee system, international terrorism and the anarchy of one of Africa’s most vicious civil wars.

Theatrical Release Date

Original Languages: English
Genre: Canadian, Drama
Running Time: 6 x 1 hr TV epis
Year: 2004


Kate Nelligan
Nicholas Campbell
Brad Turner