Fallen Idol, The

A FILM BY Carol Reed


Based on a Graham Greene short story which he helped adapt, this is a sensitive study of the way in which the small son of a foreign ambassador in London interprets the strange and seemingly illogical behavior of the adults who surround him. He becomes aware of an illicit love affair between Baines, the butler, whom he hero-worships, and one of the typists at the embassy. But when he sees Baines' wife fall to her death while spying on the couple, his interpretation of the cause of her death places Baines in a perilous situation. Convinced his idol is guilty of murder, he tries to help him, but incriminates him instead in what was, in fact, an accidental death.

Theatrical Release Date

Genre: Drama
Running Time: 95 mins.
Year: 1948


Michèle Morgan
Ralph Richardson
Sonia Dresdel
Carol Reed