I, Claudia

Thomson is mesmerizing... she brings a force of personality to each character that renders them even more vividly human than most movie characters without masks.
- Geoff Pevere, TORONTO STAR
This is a masterful accomplishment! Brilliant? charming and heartbreaking, but funny, funny, funny!
- Katrina Onstad, NATIONAL POST


"I, Claudia" is an adaptation of the hit one-woman play starring Kristen Thomson. Claudia is an "official" pre-teen, still reeling from her parents' divorce. Her father is getting re-married, she has a science fair project coming due, and she is in the physical and emotional throes of puberty. Claudia speaks to us from inside the boiler room of her school where she stores all the things that are secret and dear to her. Incensed and incredulous at the adult world around her, she is irrepressibly funny about it at the same time. Some important adults in Claudia's life - her grandfather Douglas, her father's new girlfriend Leslie and the school custodian Drachman - shed light on her situation.

Theatrical Release Date

Original Languages: English
Genre: Canadian, Drama
Running Time: 75 min.
Year: 2004


Kristen Thomson
Chris Abraham


Kristen Thomson and Director Chris Abraham