A FILM BY Naomi Kawase


Ayako storms out of her tumble-down house after a loud row with her boyfriend - only to walk into the pathway of an oncoming car. One of the first people to come to her aid is a moody potter named Daiji, who thinks that she intended to commit suicide. Though not the case, Ayako - who works as a stripper - is depressed. Daiji invites her to a mountain festival for which he fashioned hundreds of ceramic containers for an outdoor votive candle display. Unfortunately, Ayako's club is raided and she is forced to spend the day in jail. Thinking that she killed herself, Daiji searches desperately for her...

Theatrical Release Date

Genre: Drama
Running Time: 164 mins.
Year: 2000


Miyako Yamaguchi
Toshiya Nagasawa
Yuko Nakamura
Naomi Kawase