Likely Lads, The

A FILM BY Michael Tuchner


England, 1943. Somewhere in war-torn Britain Mrs Edith Collier capitulated to the advances of her husband Corporal Collier who, flushed with the news from Tunis and Newcastle Brown Ale, wouldn't take no for an answer ... Meanwhile, not many miles away, Lance Bombardier Leslie Ferris was bidding a fond farewell to his fiancee Alice. England 1975. And the tide of war has very definitely not turned in the perpetual sniping between Bob Ferris, his wife Thelma, and Terry Collier, long-time friend of Bob ... Sunday morning fishing on the banks of the Tyne ... Tuesday evening drinking sessions between the boys - nothing changes.

Theatrical Release Date

Genre: Comedy
Running Time: 90 mins.
Year: 1976


Brigit Forsyth
James Bolam
Rodney Bewes
Michael Tuchner