No Limit

A FILM BY Monty Banks


George Shuttleworth's occupation in life is the unromantic one of chimney sweep's help, but the ordinariness of his occupation is mitigated by the eternal romance of his desire to win the Isle of Man TT race. The only asset that he possesses is a machine of doubtful vintage which he has equipped with various gadgets of his own devising. Undeterred by the mockery of his neighbors, George makes up his mind to enter for the race and sets off for the Isle of Man. On the day of the Trials, George's motorcycle develops a speed hitherto undreamed of, and though George tries to check his headlong career, his brakes fail and he makes a record round. George is famous but frightened. Now he's not so sure he wants to ride in the race!

Theatrical Release Date

Genre: Comedy
Running Time: 81 mins.
Year: 1936


Edward Rigby
Florence Desmond
George Formby
Monty Banks