Whisky Galore!

A FILM BY Alexander Mckendrick


It is 1943 and the tiny remote Hebridean island of Todday is plunged into the depths of despair. Everyone is affected. Spirits are at zero - for Todday is without whisky. Then a ship founders on the rocks, and the islanders guide the crew to safety. The ship's captain and mate reveal that they had on board a cargo of 40,000 cases of whisky bound for America. Held up for a day because it is the Sabbath, the islanders eventually succeed in removing a considerable amount of the cargo and the dawn breaks with a rosy glow on a brighter, happier island. But the whisky does not last forever...

Theatrical Release Date

Genre: Comedy
Running Time: 82 mins.
Year: 1949


Basil Radford
James Robertson-Justice
Joan Greenwood
Alexander Mckendrick