Boy's Choir

A FILM BY Akira Ogata

...a sparkling debut film...
- TAGESSPIEGEL extremely complex, layered work...


After the death of his father, 15-year-old Michio is sent to an orphanage for boys. There he meets Yasuo, a boy with a beautiful soprano voice and a dream to sing in the Vienna Boys' Choir. Michio, plagued with a stutter, takes a stab at singing and uncovers his angelic soprano voice with no stutter. Soon the boys become fast friends. The boys revere their choirmaster and catholic bible teacher, Mr. Seino. One day, Satomi, a former schoolmate of Mr. Seino's pays a visit while on the run from the police. Soon enough, the winds from the outside world, from which Seino has struggled to escape, erupt into a violent swirl. With Satomi as the catalyst, Michio and Yasuo embrace their own brand of revolution, nothing much to do with Marx and Mao but more to do with youth idealism and love.

Theatrical Release Date

Original Languages: Japanese
Genre: World Cinema
Running Time: 130 min.
Year: 2000


Atsushi Ito
Sora Tôma
Akira Ogata