The Constance Talmadge Double Feature: Her Night of Romance/Her Sister from Paris

A FILM BY Sidney Franklin


In HER NIGHT OF ROMANCE, an heiress traveling in England disguises herself to discourage fortune-hunters. She falls in love with a handsome nobleman (Ronald Colman) who is secretly impoverished. When they spend a night alone at his former estate, they are forced to pretend that they are married, a situation that threatens to unravel their storybook romance just as it is getting started. HER SISTER FROM PARIS allowed Talmadge to demonstrate her comic range in dual roles: a frumpy-but-faithful housewife and her sophisticated twin sister. When a hausfrau’s husband (Colman) begins to lose interest in his wife, the arrival of her twin, a dancer and “woman of the world,” provides just the right impetus to reinvigorate their relationship. Talmadge was truly an icon of the silent screen. At the end of the era, she chose (without regret) to retire from motion pictures and enjoy her personal life, without ever having made a “talkie.”

Theatrical Release Date

Original Languages: English
Genre: Drama
Running Time: 159 min.
Year: 2010


Sidney Franklin