West of Zanzibar

A FILM BY Harry Watt


When Bob Payton discovers that the Galanas, an African tribe he has long befriended, are being forced by soil erosion to move from their home lands, he urges their Chief Ushingo to lead them up into the hills where they will find fresh and fertile soil which will give them a peaceful living. But the young men of the tribe favor the attractions of Mombasa, which to them represents a new and exciting way of life. Payton knows this would be fatal, that such a move would place these simple folk in the way of many irresistible temptations, not least of which would be the activities of the ivory smugglers.

Theatrical Release Date

Genre: Action, Adventure, Drama
Running Time: 94 mins.
Year: 1954


Anthony Steel
Edric Connor
Sheila Sim
Harry Watt