27 Missing Kisses

UN FILM DE Nana Djordjadze


In a sleepy little town in Russia, a mop-haired teenaged nymphet named Sybille arrives to spend her vacation with her Aunt. Sybille is struck with the overwhelming sense that both her aunt and the town of Krasnyje Utki have nothing to offer her and are down right dull. Sybille soon changes this reality. She falls in love with a man twenty-six years her senior and infuses the little town with her love potion. But Sybille must pay a price - the son of the man she loves is in love with her and will stop at nothing to get her... Before the season is through, Sybille owes a young man 100 kisses. By the time she leaves, the town will be wide-awake. Oscar nominee Nana Djordjadze directs this laconic comedy by Iraklij Kvirikadze. Set against a backdrop of absurd and funny sexual complications as can only happen in a slightly bungling Russia, the film paints an intense, tongue-in-cheek picture of a post-soviet reality.

Date de sortie

Langue originale: Georgian/Russian/French/English
Genre: Drama, World Cinema
Durée: 98 min.
Année: 2000


Nutsa Kukhianidze
Un film de
Nana Djordjadze