Parsley Days


Here are the ingredients for the perfect love: equal parts of both KatenOllie. According to the bevy of East Coast twenty-somethings in Parsley Days, Kate and Ollie have a romance made-in-heaven. Their union is coveted by all of their peers, respected by their elders, and destined for eternal bliss. There's only one problem: on the eve of their 5-year anniversary, Kate realizes that she no longer loves Ollie. Ollie, Kate's birth-control outreach worker boyfriend, often referred to as a "male lesbian", loves Kate. All of Kate's girlfriends have a huge crush on Ollie. Why he's the "King of Contraception", don't ya know! If only all men could be so enlightened. In the throes of trying to break up with her be-all-end-all boyfriend, Kate receives a piece of news that could change the rest of her life... Kate seeks guidance from her herbalist friend who recommends a parsley "diet". As if breaking up isn't hard enough...

Date de sortie

Langue originale: English
Genre: Canadian, Drama
Durée: 84 min.
Année: 2000


Kenneth Harrington
Marcia Connolly
Marla McLean
Megan Dunlop
Michael LeBlanc
Shannon Cunningham
Un film de
Andrea Dorfman