Sans Plomb

UN FILM DE Muriel Téodori


Marie, a young girl, falls for Ulysse, who works at the petrol station across the road to support his meteorology studies. But Ulysse is lost in his own world and his shyness keeps him away from love. "Sans Plomb" belongs to the category of films that one either likes or one hates. Poetic cinema such as this is always an exercise of perilous style, walking the tightrope between the beautiful and the ridiculous. "Sans Plomb" is a lucid second reading of Homer's Odyssey. Through the play of the actors and the magical music of Elvis Costello, the film manages to create a particular atmosphere, a daydream with screaming colors. The film shifts gracefully between the tender and the comic.

Date de sortie

Langue originale: French
Genre: Comedy, Drama, World Cinema
Durée: 88 min.
Année: 2000


Alexis Loret
Elvis Costello
Emma de Caunes
Eric Caravaca
Miki Manoljlovic
Un film de
Muriel Téodori