I Really Hate My Job

A fine cast, including Brit character actor Shirley Henderson and the long-lost Neve Campbell
- Cris Kennedy, Screenwize
An ensemble comedy with great performances all around.
- Seattle Film Festival


I Really Hate My Job sizzles its way through one steamy night and the lives of five feisty women with delusions of grandeur, working in a London restaurant. Customers come and go, unaware of the real concerns of these women; a rat or two in the kitchen, bitter arguments about life and art, as well as a coup d’état in the kitchen… all overshadowed by the anticipation of the arrival of a famous Hollywood movie star. You might assume they’re just three waitresses, one cook and a dishwasher, but they see themselves as an artist, an actor, a lover, an author and a revolutionary.

Date de sortie

Langue originale: English
Genre: Comedy, World Cinema
Durée: 89 min.
Année: 2007


Alexandra Maria Lara
Neve Campbell
Shirley Henderson
Un film de
Oliver Parker