Life with Murder

Undeniably compelling.
- Brian D. Johnson, MACLEAN'S
Makes Cain and Abel seem like a campfire story.
- John Anderson, VARIETY
- Susan G. Cole, NOW MAGAZINE
A great accomplishment.
- Kurt Halfyard, TWITCH FILM


20-year-old Mason Jenkins was convicted of brutally murdering his 18-year-old sister with multiple rifle shots to the head and chest. Overwhelming forensic evidence delivered an airtight case against him, yet Mason maintained his innocence, forcing his grief-stricken parents into a difficult decision: break with their son or stand by him unconditionally. Compiled from astonishing footage shot over a 10-year period, Life With Murder follows the evolving relationship of a family struggling to survive in the wake of tragedy.

Date de sortie

Langue originale: English
Genre: Documentary, Crime
Durée: 93 min.
Année: 2010


Un film de
John Kastner