Winter Sleepers


Laura, Marco, Rebecca and Rene are four young people from the city spending the winter in a remote alpine town. Laura amuses herself by practicing acting, Rene by taking photographs, and Marco and Rebecca by having a hot affair. One afternoon when rushing to get into bed with Rebecca, Marco leaves the keys in his car and Rene seizes the opportunity to take a spin through the mountains. But the visibility of the winter roads is deceptive. Without ever realizing what he has done, Rene causes a car, driven by a local farmer, to crash, leaving the farmer's young daughter seriously injured. Soon after this strange accident, mysterious, almost hallucinatory events begin to unfold. As these events engulf the characters, intertwining their lives in unexpected ways, the shimmering expanses of snow provide the perfect backdrop for their increasingly unpredictable emotions.

Date de sortie

Langue originale: German
Genre: Drama, World Cinema
Durée: 122 min.
Année: 1997


Floriane Daniel
Marie-Lou Sellem
Ulrich Matthes
Un film de
Tom Tykwer