Einstein of Sex, The

UN FILM DE Rosa von Praunheim

Praunheim tells an important story and he tells it well.
- Marcy Dermansky, ABOUT


Shocking scenes. Revolutionary strides in a field never previously explored. World-famous sexologist and Jewish gay socialist, Dr. Magnus Hirschfeld, was better known as 'The Einstein of Sex' for his revolutionary work in Sexual Science. In 1897 Hirschfeld founded the first gay political group in history. In 1920 he opened his Institute of Sexual Science in Berlin. The film reveals Hirschfeld through the major figures in his life: from the unfulfilled love affair with Baron von Teschenberg to the happy years with young Karl Giese; from his struggle with his major gay opponet, right-wing writer Adolf Brand, to the presence of his guardian angel, the transvestite Dörchen. Dr. Hirschfeld died in 1935 only 2 years after the Nazis destroyed his Institute. Since this time, all attempts to organize an equivalent institute for sexual science have failed. Up to this day no one has surpassed his accomplishments. The Einstien of Sex tells Dr. Hirschfeld true story.

Date de sortie

Langue originale: German
Genre: Drama, World Cinema
Durée: 98 min.
Année: 1999


Ben Becker
Friedel von Wangenheim
Un film de
Rosa von Praunheim