Vengeance du Serpent à Plumes, La


After the death of his grandmother, odd-job man Loulou Dupin is delighted to learn that he has inherited a large Parisian apartment. He hastens to Paris to view the apartment, hoping to sell it as soon as he can. He is surprised to find that the apartment is occupied by two attractive young women, Laura and Valérie. Unbeknown to Loulou, the latter belong to a terrorist cell which is using the apartment as a headquarters for their operations. Laura flirts with Loulou to distract him, whilst her murderous friends try – without success – to put him out of the way. By the time Loulou learns the truth, Laura and her friends have disappeared. Accompanied by his best friend Alvaro, a vindictive Loulou pursues Laura to Mexico. There, he discovers that the terrorists are preparing for the most spectacular coup of their career...

Date de sortie

Langue originale: French
Genre: Comedy, Adventure, Crime
Durée: 105 min.
Année: 1984


Dominique Frot
Xavier Maly
Maruschka Detmers
Luis Rego
Rodolfo De Souza
Philippe Khorsand
Josiane Balasko
Farid Chopel
Un film de
Gérard Oury