Secret Défence

“Secrets of State” tosses a fresh glass of Bordeaux in the face of anyone still ordering a side of “freedom fries.”
- Jordan Mintzer, Variety


A counter terrorism thriller following the interconnected lives of an undercover agent and the terrorist she’s following. Diane, a language student, is recruited by the French secret service. Pierre, a troubled young man, falls under the influence of an Islamist fanatic who believes that terrorism is a legitimate means to achieve his objectives. Trained and indoctrinated for missions which are beyond them, they are both drawn into a chain of events from which they seem incapable of escaping …

Date de sortie

Langue originale: French
Genre: Thriller
Durée: 100 min.
Année: 2008


Gérard Lanvin
Nicolas Duvauchelle
Vahina Giocante
Un film de
Philippe Haïm