Petals / The Vagina Monologues

A varied range of exquisitely presented images deeply touches viewers with both profound awe and beauty.
- Port Townsend Film Festival
a wonderful contribution to the appreciation of our precious sexuality...moving, funny, and thought-provoking.
- Marty Klein, Ph.D., sex educator and author of America's War On Sex
...sensitively explores issues of body image and self-esteem, empowering both its subjects and viewers to see the female body from a new angle.
- Vancouver International Film Festival


Petals is an intimate journey into a traditionally risqué and taboo subject: the vagina. Visual artist Nick Karras has set out to challenge society's pre-conceived notions about the vagina with a provocative series of photographs displaying its remarkable beauty and diversity. Exploring reactions to the project from sexperts to people on the street, Petals sparks a funny and engaging dialogue that will make you think outside the box.

Date de sortie

Langue originale: Anglais
Genre: Documentary
Durée: 70 min.
Année: 2010


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Beck Peacock