House of Sand, The

A memorable, haunting experience for moviegoers' eyes and hearts.""""
- Philip Wuntch, Dallas Morning News
Rigorously structured, but with the power to shake you to the heart.""""
- Steve Murray, Atlantic Journal Constitution
Heartbreaking and strange, House of Sand is as original as it is lovely.""""
- Carina Chocano, Los Angeles Times


Aurea (Fernanda Torres) is brought to the northern Brazilian town of Maranhão by her insane husband Vasco, who suffers from delusions that the barren land may be profitably farmed. A calamitous turn of events leaves Aurea, now pregnant, and her mother Maria alone in the desert in a house full of sand. They eventually find friendship and food through Massu, who lives at a quilombo (a self-sustaining society originally formed by escaped slaves). Aurea wrestles with her unhappy fate but slowly grows accustomed to the new rhythm of life in the dunes. Years pass and we find Aurea at peace in the desert, while her wild and sexually promiscuous daughter Maria lacks social propriety. Maria yearns to see the outside world and her dream is eventually fulfilled. However, the reality of the sand dunes - manifested through sweeping shots of the horizon, the sound of the wind skimming the sand and the soft, assured pacing of Waddington's direction - will never leave her psyche.

Date de sortie

Langue originale: Portuguese
Genre: Drama, World Cinema
Durée: 115 min.
Année: 2005


Fernanda Montenegro
Fernanda Torres
Ruy Guerra
Un film de
Andrucha Waddington