Cheerful Weather for the Wedding

Offers a playfully pleasant mix of wit and romance.
- Mark Olsen, Los Angeles Times
Treadaway's performance of this path through hope to lovesickness gives Cheerful Weather a beating heart to balance the refined aesthetics of the storytelling.
- John DeFore, The Hollywood Reporter


En anglais seulement. On a crisp March morning in 1932, bride-to-be Dolly (Felicity Jones) is hiding in her bedroom daydreaming of the whimsical summer before, helped along by an ample jug of rum. Long-lost cousins and quirky aunts are arriving to the house every hour, and the downstairs living rooms are buzzing with speculation about the bride's whereabouts. Exasperated by her daughter's absence, Dolly's scatter-brained mother Hetty (Elizabeth McGovern), is at her wit's end, scurrying around the house trying to quell the relatives' suspicions. Hetty has perfected all of the day's arrangements, but her plans can't prepare everyone for the arrival of Dolly's unpredictable former lover, Joseph (Luke Treadaway).

Date de sortie

Langue originale: Anglais
Genre: Comédie, Drame
Durée: 93 min.
Année: 2012


Elizabeth McGovern
Felicity Jones
Mackenzie Crook
Luke Treadaway
Un film de
Donald Rice