Family Resemblances

UN FILM DE Cedric Klapisch


Every Friday night a very ordinary French family get together for dinner. Here we find a mother who knows how to criticize with a simple glance, her two grown sons, one successful, the other not-so-successful, an unmarried daughter with a penchant for making trouble, and two daughters-in-law who are polar opposites. Together, they have been coexisting in feigned politeness, unvoiced opinions and endless concessions, all in the hope of maintaining a typical, close-knit family. But tonight is special! On this particular Friday the group is celebrating a birthday. But before the celebration is in full swing, family politics and petty squabbling erupts into a tour-de-force of comic verbal jousting and dramatic confrontations. While no one emerges unscathed from this settling of old scores, each member of the family leaves with a new appreciation for each other. Family Resemblances is one outstanding and outrageous dinner party that you won't forget.

Date de sortie

Langue originale: French
Genre: Comedy, World Cinema
Durée: 107 min.
Année: 1996


Un film de
Cedric Klapisch