Michael H. Profession: Director

Michael H. Profession Director is an intriguing examination into the inner workings of a complex mind, that also proves to be the most comprehensive companion piece for any ardent Haneke fans.
- Raffi Asdourian, The Film Stage
Montmayeur doesn't take this material and give us mere biography; he has crafted a narrative out of Haneke the artist. Montmayeur knows when to step back and let the artist speak
- Joshua Chaplinsky, Twitchfilm


How should violence be portrayed on the screen? What causes the family unit to fall apart? And, more generally, how does Evil worm its way into our so-called "civilised" Western societies? Already present in Michael Haneke's initial film work, these issues continue to haunt all his films. As we follow the director from Vienna to Paris, from northern Germany to Rumania, he reveals his philosophical and moral thinking.

Date de sortie

Langue originale: German
Genre: Documentary
Durée: 92 min
Année: 2013


Michael Haneke
Un film de
Yves Montmayeur