Perhaps it's the bright, decent, appealing kids seen here, or just the idyllic portrait Suh paints of student life at Manhattan's prestigious Stuyvesant High School that gives the picture its charm.
- Gary Goldstein, Los Angeles Times
With inventive music choices and wonderfully piquant moments plucked from what must have been hundreds of hours of footage, Frontrunners is consistently entertaining.
- Reyhan Harmanci, San Francisco Chronicle


Frontrunners follows four charming and idiosyncratic high school candidates as they run for Student Council President in one of the most competitive high schools in America - New York City's Stuyvesant. These teenage candidates face the same political issues as candidates of any age; picking the right running mates, shaking as many hands as possible, preparing for televised debates, impressing the pundits and journalistic community, addressing sensitive race-related issues and mobilizing an apathetic voter base. A smart and funny documentary that shows politicking and the pluralities of the US electoral system through an adolescent experience.

Date de sortie

Langue originale: English
Genre: Documentary
Durée: 83 min.
Année: 2008


Un film de
Caroline Suh