Adopted Son, The

UN FILM DE Aktan Abdykalykov

... a gentle touching film...
This is a rare, poetic treat.
- NOW Magazine


There is a tradition in ancient Kyrgyzstan whereby parents of a large family offer their baby to a childless couple. In a time-honored ritual, five elderly women pass the baby over their bent knees and pronounce it "Beshkempir". Azate is one such baby. Now an adolescent, Azate shares a close and loving relationship with his family. He spends his free time joining the other village boys in their high spirited antics - wrestling in mud and spying on women in various states of undress. Becoming aware of his budding sexuality, Azate catches the eye of a girl he meets at the local outdoor film screening. Soon the two are hanging out together, taking long walks and discussing their hopes for the future. Life runs more or less smoothly for Azate until the day he finds out that he is adopted - a revelation that turns his world upside down. A breathtaking film, Adopted Son is a celebration of local and regional idiosyncrasies, and a look at the universal experiences of adolescence.

Date de sortie

Langue originale: Kirghiz
Genre: Drama, World Cinema
Durée: 81 min.
Année: 1998


Mirlan Abdykalykov
Un film de
Aktan Abdykalykov