Midnight Son

4/5 impeccable, daring and undoubtedly remarkable.
- Bloody Disgusting
Leberecht plays games with vampire lore, but skirts around it with a subtlety and delicacy that lends his film emotional depths rare in low-budget horror.
- Philip Kemp, Total Film


En anglais seulement Something is happening to Jacob. Sunlight wreaks havoc on his skin and he's developing a hunger for human blood. When he falls in love with a beautiful bartender, his loneliness comes to an end. But his condition is worsening, forcing him to stalk the streets for prey and making him the prime suspect in a series of grisly murders.

Date de sortie

Langue originale: Anglais seulement
Genre: Horreur
Durée: 88 min.
Année: 2011


Arlen Escarpeta
Larry Cedar
Tracey Walter
Maya Parish
Jo D. Jonz
Zak Kilberg
Un film de
Scott Leberecht