UN FILM DE Richard Lemay


Handsome David Rudd stars as Drake, a sexy and charismatic stranger who infiltrates a group of good-looking, successful, thirty-something gay men in New York City. The flirtatious Drake spices up the lives of this tight knit circle of friends, but soon creates unexpected drama. Drake has a bitter past filled with hurt and betrayal. He thinks that all gay men are cheaters and resents anyone who seems happy and committed. He proceeds to manipulate, seduce and tear apart these friends to prove that no one deserves happiness. Will these friends survive Drake's cunning schemes or prove that love and friendship can prevail against all odds?

Date de sortie

Langue originale: English
Genre: GLBT
Durée: 99 min.
Année: 2008


Alexis Suarez
Brad Anderson
Bryan West
David A. Rudd
Desmond Dutcher
Mark Ford
Un film de
Richard Lemay