Love That Boy

A gem of a film...
- Daphne Gordon, Toronto Star
From goofy beginning to emotionally satisfying end, Love That Boy"" is a triumph of talent""
- Ken Eisner, Variety


Phoebe (Nadia Litz of The Five Senses) is a socially inept overachiever, unrecognized in a world run by C students. With a month until college ends, she's given herself a "To Accomplish Before Graduation" list, which includes everything from picking wild mushrooms to learning how to kayak. When her roommate points out that what Phoebe really needs is a boyfriend, she simply adds that to her list. After the demise of her first relationship - her "boyfriend" didn't even know they were going out - Phoebe inadvertently falls in love. The only problem is, he's 14.

Date de sortie

Langue originale: English
Genre: Canadian, Comedy, Drama
Durée: 85 min.
Année: 2003


Adrien Dixon
Nadia Litz
Nikki Barnett
Un film de
Andrea Dorfman