Empire of Dirt

A well crafted family drama.
- Chris Knight, The National Post
Empire of Dirt tells a traditional mothers-and-daughters story in a new way by making their Cree heritage and the role it has in their lives and relationships the true heart of the drama.
- Linda Barnard, The Toronto Star


En anglais seulement A single mom struggles to escape the cycle of poverty. In a last ditch attempt to save her kid from the streets, she returns home after 13 years and is forced to reconcile a lifelong legacy of hatred towards her mother in an effort to give her daughter the roots she deserves.

Date de sortie

Vendredi 22 novembre, 2013
Langue originale: Anglais
Genre: Drame
Durée: 99 min.
Année: 2013


Jennifer Podemski
Barbara Gordon
Cara Gee
Shay Eyre
Un film de
Peter Stebbings