Bruit des Glacons, le

Ingenious? defiantly upbeat
- Bernard Besserglik, THE HOLLYWOOD REPORTER
- 20 Minutes, Le Figaroscope, Le Parisien, Marianne
Blier is back. Avec son humour mordant, sa mauvaise humeur et ses répliques qui claquent. Sa folie. Sa poésie incongrue.
- Le Journal du Dimanche
Une comédie dont on sort fort d'une confiance et d'une espérance délectablement absurdes.
- Le Nouvel Observateur
Brillamment écrit et superbement interprété
- 20 minutes
Le meilleur Blier depuis un bail.
- Studio Ciné Live


Charles is a renowned author whose alcoholism drove his family away years back. Now he spends his days drowning his sorrow in copious amounts of wine. To make matters even worse, he receives a surprising visit from a man claiming to be his brain cancer! Annoying, talkative and wickedly sarcastic, the cancer lingers and taunts while Charles begins to reexamine his life. With time running out, Charles must find a way to remove the intruder before it's too late.

Theatrical Release Date

Friday, April 22, 2011
Original Languages: French
Genre: Comedy, Drama
Running Time: 87 min.
Year: 2010


Albert Dupontel
Jean Dujardin
Anne Alvaro
Bertrand Blier