Season Five


In a remote Iranian village, an arranged marriage is about to take place between two archrival families. Meet the Jamalvandis and the Kamalvandis. Surprisingly, the story starts with an indication of a hopeful resolution. Soon enough however, the feud between the families resumes. Karamat, a boy from the Kamalvandis family, decides to break the engagement to Mehrbanou, a girl from the Jamalvandis clan. The familial tension causes the girl's grandfather to have a stroke. Everyone from the village attends the funeral. Soon after, the boy returns to the village with a brand new mini bus and uses it to transport his people to and from the village. In her desperate attempt to compete with Karamat, Mehrbanou sells her land to purchase her own vehicle. The rivalry between the two families intensifies. One day, when only one vehicle returns to the village, Mehrbanou suddenly realizes her feelings for Karamat and organizes a search party.

Date de sortie

Langue originale: Farsi
Genre: Comedy, Drama, World Cinema
Durée: 80 min.
Année: 1997


Ali Sarkhani
Roya Nonahali
Un film de
Rafi Pitts