Tommy Steele Story, The

UN FILM DE Gerard Bryant


Tommy Steele informs his parents that he wants to join the Merchant Navy. Before leaving for Sea School he buys a secondhand guitar with his meager pocket money. Tommy is treated severely by the Chief Steward for paying more attention to his music than his job, and is told to choose between a career in music or at sea. He chooses music. Arriving in London, he wanders aimlessly into a coffee bar in Soho. The proprietor takes a liking to him and offers him a job playing for his customers. Tommy is a tremendous success and a London impresario engages him as a top-of-the-bill act throughout the country.

Date de sortie

Genre: Drama, Musical
Durée: 82 mins.
Année: 1957


Dennis Price
Patrick Westwood
Tommy Steele
Un film de
Gerard Bryant